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Peninsula Research is utilising its research expertise and data-driven quantitative approach to analyse and assess the current and future state of the MENA region’s economies and real estate markets. Our insights are developed by connecting existing data sources in original and thought-provoking ways.

Our research will be published and made freely available, enabling us to share our knowledge of regional macro and real estate market trends, and help address the deficit of publicly available high-quality research in the region.

We hope our fresh perspective will garner more regional and international interest in Middle Eastern real estate, and the opportunities it presents to investors.


We bring our new perspective and fresh insights into the MENA region’s economies and real estate markets using easily accessible and understandable charts and infographics.
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Uniquely detailed understanding and modeling of regional economic trends and their impact on real estate markets.

Country & sector risk/return profiling

Cyclical Turning Points

Value Discovery