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Christophe Reech


About Christophe

Christophe is the Chairman at Peninsula. Christophe leads the team in all aspects related to IPO planning, corporate and financial structuring. Christophe’s experience and expertise help guide day to day operations. Christophe is an entrepreneur and investor with a track record of success in creating and growing innovative businesses in the fields of real estate, financial derivatives and financial technology.

He began his career in investment banking, trading complex derivatives for Paribas, the French wholesale bank, a role which brought him to London from his native France. He then went on to establish a series of wholesale financial businesses on behalf of Commerzbank, the German universal bank, and then with Nikko of Japan. He later sold his interest in both businesses.

These early successes led him to establish, in 1999, Reech Capital, which challenged the market power of the big investment banks by making available to the buy-side the same analytical and computing power for pricing derivatives that had previously only been available to the sell-side. The business ushered in a revolution in the field of complex and exotic derivatives: for the first time there was a level playing field between investors and banks, at a stroke neutralizing the information asymmetry that had allowed the big banks to enjoy huge profits at the expense of the institutions that manage money on behalf of ordinary savers. The business was subsequently sold to Sungard, the US financial technology company in 2004.

Although by this time, derivatives enabling investors to hedge real estate exposure were becoming widely available, few investors had spotted the opportunity this presented in a market still dominated by traditional long-only investors. This led Reech to establish, in 2007, the first long/short hedge fund targeting real estate as an asset class. The Iceberg Fund was launched in partnership with CBRE, the global real estate specialist and very quickly became the biggest user of these newly created synthetic property derivative instruments. The fund returned spectacular performances through the financial crisis. In 2013, Reech decided to close the fund and return all the proceeds to his investors.


Christophe has received the following awards:

  • 2012 – Best Hedge Funds Asia, UCITS Hedge, London
  • 2010 – BarclayHedge Best Fund in Real Estate Category, London
  • 2009 – Emerging Manager of the Year, New York
  • 2009 – Best Islamic Alternative Investment Product, Hedge Funds World, Dubai
  • 2009 – Best Hedge Fund Manager, Hedge Funds World, Dubai
  • 2009 – Best Investor Communication, Hedge Funds Review
  • 2009 – Best New Comer – HFM Week, London
  • 2008 – Fund Europe Award, London
  • 2008 – Best Exotic Strategies Fund, EuroHedge, London
  • 2008 – Hedge Fund Review European Award, London
  • 2008 – Best New Comer, Hedge Funds World, Bahrain
  • 2008 – Best Operator in Multi Strategy, Financial News, London
  • 2004 – Risk Technologist of the Year, Risk Magazine, London
  • 2002 – Top 25 European Innovator, Time Magazine, New York
  • 2002 – Top 30 European Innovator – Capital IT, Paris

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